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Renters Insurance Claims and Homeowners Insurance Claims

Quickly Resolve A Renters Insurance Claim and Homeowners Insurance Claim:
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Resolving Renters Insurance Claims or Homeowners Insurance Claims:

How frustrating to pay renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance for years only to be ignored, refused, or told “It’s not covered” when you make your claim. Both renters and homeowners Insurance generally covers losses from theft, fire or water damage.

Allstate, Assurant, Geico and Esurance write most of the renter’s insurance. Often you find your landlord requires you to buy renter’s insurance.

We became involved in helping clients with these types of claims due to difficulty they experienced in collecting money rightfully due to them. And they experienced significant frustration.  The biggest complaint was they were not receiving the correct value for their possessions.  They were being cheated on the value of their possessions.

Considering these factors we opted to help on a contingent fee basis. This means that unless we recover money for you, there is no charge. If we do recover money the fee is 1/3 which is a standard contingent fee before an answer is filed once a lawsuit is filed with the Court.  Once the insurance company answers a lawsuit we file on your behalf,  your fee will be waived or reduced once the Court orders the insurance company to pay our fees.

Theft claims – After the initial police report there may be additional items you discover were stolen. Please contact the police and provide the total list of all stolen items.

Many of the policies require payment of the stolen items at replacement value. Replacement value is the best coverage. For proof of loss, photographs taken before the theft of the stolen items can be accepted as proof of ownership. Your photographs will have metadata embedded in them so ones taken BEFORE the theft are only the ones that can be used unless the property is found at a pawn shop after the theft.  Hand written receipts are also generally accepted as proof of ownership.

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Realizing that a theft or burglary occurs every 14.6 seconds, it is important to know how to proceed when it happens to you. Initially, there is the feeling of violation and shock. Personal safety is paramount, so, secure the property so that it cannot be re-entered. Most people only realize that a few items that were taken or damaged. Use our checklist when contacting your insurance company to make your property damage claim:

  1. Take inventory of the property damage or loss
  2. Contact the police and give them a list of what was stolen. Take photos of any structural or personal property damage.
  3. Know your policy number and date of the occurrence when you call to report the claim to your insurance company. Find out the name, telephone with extension of your adjuster and the claim number. If possible, find out if you will be paid the Replacement Value of your goods as opposed to the depreciated value as this will make a difference in the reimbursement amount.
  4. When you discover additional items that were stolen, file a supplemental list with the police and insurance company.
  5. File a Proof of Claim with an inventory listing
    1. Brand name and quantity of goods
    2. Cost of item
    3. When and where purchased
  6. Your policy will either pay actual cash value (ACV) which is what your good were worth when stolen or damaged factoring in depreciation. Replacement costs coverage (RCC) gets you a better amount as it pays you what it will cost to buy a new, comparable item.

Our goal is to turn your property damage claim into money. To resolve your property damage claim with your insurance company, this is how you can help us:

  1. Take photos of the damaged property and where the entry was made into your property
  2. Provide photos of the property that was stolen or damaged. (If you don’t have photos perhaps your friends or family have photos).
  3. Cooperate as we need you to supply us with photos or documents. There may be certain parts of the policy that allow you to receive money. This can be beneficial given the money you may be out of pocket to cover the deductible. If your policy caps what you can get for cash, firearms, jewelry or electronics, it is unfortunate because those are high ticket items and the ones most frequently stolen that is generally a large loss. You will be out of pocket for those losses so we look to see if another portion of the policy would allow you to collect reimbursement of your expenses and losses.
  4. Provide receipts (even hand written paper receipts can be accepted) for the stolen or damaged property as proof that you had purchased them.
  5. If at any time you cannot agree with your insurance company on a value of your items, let us take the frustration out of the process and handle the claim for you on a contingent fee. This means no stress to you and no charge unless and until you get the money you deserve for your property.