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The Simple Solution to Control AR Rifles

Florida has experienced the tremendous loss associated with the Parkland shooting which is now among the 10 deadliest mass shootings in America. It is time for us to come together and implement change so these mass shootings stop.

Many people are coming up with ideas. I have been encouraged by the Governor’s recommendation to restrict the age at individual can buy AR rifles to 21 although 25 would be better.  I like the idea of banning AR rifles altogether, but what do we do with the ones that exist?

I like the idea of better background checks and stopping the availability of AR rifles to those with mental illness. We need to be able to stop an evil person who has an AR rifle and starts threatening people before he acts.  We should be able to arrest and incarcerate them at that point and confiscate the AR rifle(s).  We want to allow police to proactively arrest an evil person seeking to kill one or more with his AR rifle before he strikes.

DSC00817-1-291x300I want to share an important lesson I learned when I was a young law student. I defended a minor who was charged with the burglary of a home. I was successful in defending the case and winning the trial for him. As a result of that he was released from juvenile court jail and I went on my Christmas vacation. When I returned, I learned he went out before Christmas and killed two people at random coming out of the shopping mall.  That was a true wake up call for me and I realized it would not be my calling to go into criminal defense. It made me realize that an evil person will always do evil even when given a second chance, put in a loving home or given help.  They will look at you, do evil and say, “You knew I was evil when you tried to help me.”

I see that when there is a tragedy such as a mass shooting there is focus on why the person did it.  Was he not schooled properly, not given enough help and so on? It may be interesting to look back but inevitably the person was evil and would commit an atrocious act in the future.
People might say, “He was a ticking time bomb,”   “I knew he would shoot up the school someday.” He had a screw loose.” Ok let’s say all those things were known to be true.
Law enforcement can do nothing. Why?  They can’t arrest people on possibilities, on crazy likelihoods or suspicions unless the person has put his plan into words written or spoken.  Remember the Las Vegas shooter never exposed his plan.  So what we need to do is give law enforcement the ability to prevent these tragedies from continuing to occur.
That is why I put my idea out as The Simple Solution.First understand I am not trying to take guns away from people nor denigrate the NRA. I just want our kids and grandkids to live in safety. I am passionate about this. I have spent much of my life through my law firm helping injured people. litigates to help outside contractors injured fighting in war torn countries to protect American interests.  There are not many injuries worse than those from gun shots and especially the tumbling powerful bullets fired by the AR rifles that are designed to kill.  Body functions are lost, limbs are missing and there are also injuries beyond those who were shot.  The deaths of young people who died much earlier than they should have cause families to be decimated and traumatized.  Divorces follow, depression, fear, the joy of life ends.  There is also the repercussion on those who observe the dead and dying, the injured, these people are traumatized for years to come. We the general public have our days ruined by having to continually listen to these horrific events.
America we are better than this.  We must come together and stop it now.  Do not blame the security guard who did not go in. A single gun is no match for an AR rifle.  Yes it might be your job to go in and face certain death but doing it while an AR rifle shoots incessantly with people dying and screaming is a whole different reality.  If the security guard could not protect the school, it is impossible for a teacher to teach and protect the students from a deranged AR shooter.
America is facing a deep divide over gun control. I am proposing a simple solution which allows America to keep its guns which are important for protection. At the same time my solution places limits on the AR rifles which are being used in mass shootings and to terrorize the American public.

The Simple Solution is as follows: 

1. All existing AR rifles must be registered and kept at firing facilities in a locked locker by the owner. 
Discussion: There would seem to be no need for the owner to keep the AR rifle at home, or ride with it in his vehicle, take it to town or otherwise.  If he wants to shoot it he will shoot it at the firing range or where he does competitive shooting.  If he moves it is shipped from that firing facility to the next one he denominates.  If the owner needs the AR rifle in the event of a terror attack, hurricane, or the like, he can sign it out for specific events.  Now if the owner says I don’t want my AR rifle for any reason we will have a private buy back of the weapon at half the price that the owner paid for it.

2. Further sales of AR rifles are banned in the United States unless the selling company carries a million dollar policy of liability insurance payable without regard to fault to the person shot by a gun sold from the facility or to their family if the person dies. The exception of course is for self inflicted gunshots. So if the shooter kills himself there is nothing payable. Also the gun manufacturers must carry a 5 million dollar liability insurance policy payable to anyone shot and to the family of one who dies at the hands of any AR rifle that they manufacture. The person who possesses an AR rifle which does not follow these rules is subject to having their AR rifle confiscated by law enforcement.
Let’s work together and make the change that will keep our children safe in their schools, our parents safe in their churches, our friends safe at concerts.  We don’t want this unspeakable tragedy to affect any more people. We want law enforcement to have the laws in effect which allow them to arrest the person walking around with the AR rifle before he even pulls the trigger.  Change is only a law away.







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