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Our Attorneys

Attorneys Jo Ann Hoffman & Associates have over 95 years of combined experience representing seriously injured people and their families. If you or someone you love has been injured in an automobile, truck, or motorcycle accident, injured while at work or traveling on the job, injured in a slip and fall, or injured by the carelessness of another person, then ask one of our experienced, dedicated attorneys for a free consultation. Whether it is a fractured leg in Georgia, a foot amputation in Ohio, or a motor vehicle accident in Florida, we are there.

We owe our success to our clients and the hard work they have allowed us to perform for them over the past 35 years. Our many years of service to the community have led to the building of strong referrals from past clients and consultation relationships with skilled lawyers in every field of the law throughout Central and South Florida - and now worldwide.  In recent years we have broadened our scope of help - we now travel the world to help contracted worked under the Defense Base Act. Those individuals served in war zones and were sent home after helping our military. We now help them by filing their claims in the U.S. Courts.

Helping the Injured is Our Passion! So whatever your needs, ask to speak with one of our representatives. Remember, there is no charge unless we obtain a monetary settlement for you.