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Longshore Cases

Longshore or Harbor WorkersCruise Ship

The Longshore Harbor Workers' Compensation Act can provide you with medical and lost wage benefits that will protect your health and your financial well being. Attorneys Jo Ann Hoffman & Associates, P.A., handle Longshore and Harbor Workers' claims. Are you a longshoreman? Were you even working on or near a dock? You may qualify for benefits and not even know about it. Longshore and Harbor Workers' cases are Federal law and, generally, provide more benefits than State workers' compensation cases provide. We are ready to help you or your family members to negotiate the difficult legal system, secure proper medical care, and get lost wages and a possible settlement at the end of the case. If you are a longshoreman and you sustained an injury, call us. If you work on or near a dock, pier, or are involved in work and activities near the water or vessels, and think that you might qualify, call us. We will investigate the case thoroughly and do everything that we can to help you get as much medical care and lost wages and other financial benefits to which you may qualify.

Longshore Cases

Remember, we take all of these cases on a contingency fee. That means that we NEVER charge you any fees or costs unless we recover monies from the defendants or their insurance companies. Consultations are always free. DON'T DELAY YOUR CASE! CALL US IMMEDIATELY! We look forward to helping you. 1-800-273-LAWS.

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