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Nuestro bufete de abogados les gusta encontrar casos de responsabilidad de terceras partes y obtener una resolucion monetaria para los clientes.  Sin embargo, no mentiriamos a un cliente acerca de su reclamacion de terceras partes. Para dejar en claro que nohay demandas pendientes válidas contra Triple Canopy y/o SOC. Esto incluye casos contra ellos por salarios no pagados o casos de denuncias (quitam). Los ex empleados de estas compañías no tienen la legitimidad para presentar estos casos en los Estados Unidos, lo que significa que no hay dinero que el cliente obtiene en estos casos. El único caso exitoso contra Triple Canopy fue presentado por el gobierno de los Estados Unidos. Este caso fue basado en la información proporcionada por un ex empleado que documentó que Triple Canopy le había cobrado excesivamente al gobierno de los Estados Unidos. Este caso se basó en el hecho de que los guardias contratados por Triple Canopy no podían pasar una prueba de armas de fuego y falsificaban puntajes de pruebas para guardias no calificados, por lo que el gobierno de los Estados Unidos, recibió una sobrecarga por el nivel de habilidad de los guardias.

IMG_6201-300x225Hemos revisado los contratos y hemos recibido información de que a nuestros clientes y otros guardias heridos o lesionados en zonas de guerra se les esta pidiendo que paguen dinero a abogados en Perú porque harán reclamaciones de terceras personas. Esto no está permitido bajo la ley de los Estados Unidos. La Ley de Base de Defensa (DBA) es una ley que permite a los trabajadores lesionados, mientras que bajo contrato con un contratista estadounidense para recuperarse de lesiones documentadas médicamente, tales como la pérdida de audición, problemas psiquiátricos, lesiones físicas y salarios perdidos; Pero no de dolor y sufrimiento. No existe un caso de terceros para los trabajadores lesionados en Perú. No pedimos al trabajador que pague dinero por adelantado y no debe pagar por adelantado a ningun abogado o a su acuerdo. Recientemente hemos oído rumores de que un abogado de Perú garantizará un establecimiento $85.000 en un caso de terceras partes. Un trabajador lesionado no debe dar el dinero que le hemos obtenido en su resolucion monetaria a ningun abogado que este tratando de perseguir una demanda de terceras partes en el Perú. Hemos visto un contrato de un abogado de Perú que garantiza al cliente un 1 millón de dólares y les pide que le paguen dinero, esto no es correcto. No se dejen engañar por esto y no regale su dinero por la cual hemos trabajado tan diligentemente para conseguirlo.



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We welcome our new clients in Puerto Rico as we are now open for business at 1519 Juan Ponce de Leon Ave. #510, San Juan PR 00909-1715 only 12 minutes from the Airport. I’ll explain why we opened to help those working there.

IMG_5406-e1526405710868-225x300In 2004, a very bad hurricane hit Florida. We had windows blown out of our office and we were without power for nine days at our house. An electrical pole had fallen across our street so no service vehicles could get to us. We would be nine days without power. During that time we got to know all the neighbors as we shared food and grilled outside. One neighbor siphoned gas from a boat to run the generators for homes on the street. It was a camping out experience where you learned to treasure a hot shower at a friend’s, were amazed by all the stars in the sky at night visible without electricity, and where you worked diligently to board up broken glass. You danced for joy at seeing a power truck on your street. We learned to share, be grateful, and have patience.
In 2017, my single largest donation was to the Red Cross after seeing the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. I chose that charitable organization after my cousin Amy described her experience with the Red Cross. You see Cousin Amy was on the United Airlines crash in Sioux City where 1/3 of the people perished. The plane had broken into three parts. She ended up in a section that came to rest upside down in a corn field. “When we walked away from the crash with only the clothes on our back, having the Red Cross there with warm clothes, and blankets is something you’ll never forget.” Continue reading →

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Para aquellos trabajadores que han sido enviados a las zonas de guerra, y han descubierto que tiene lesiones una vez que regresaron a su casa, incluso si esta en un país diferente. Si usted tiene dificultad para escuchar por haber estado expuesto a bombardeos o experimenta pesadillas o reacciones de sobresalto a ruidos fuertes, es necesario que busque tratamiento médico en su propio país. Hasta que no vea a un doctor no podemos hacer una reclamación por usted. Una vez que vea al médico, usted necesita enviarnos toda la documentacion de apoyo como los registros médicos. Solo asi podemos presentar su reclamo.

Ear-1-300x200Usted puede obtener mas detalles en mi foro de informacion acerca del DBA( Defense Base Act).

Este bufete de abogados representa a los trabajadores que han perdido sus honorarios bajo el contrato de empleo. Les estamos enviando una solicitud (LS200 Report of Earnings). Favor de llenarla, ya que permitira que el empleado que ha sido lesionado pueda documentar sus honorarios perdidos y sus problemas fisicos o psiquiatricos, desde que dejo de trabajar. Por otra parte también permitiria a la compañia de seguro calcular sus ingresos debidamente en acorde con sus lesiones. Continue reading →

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For those workers who have been sent to war zones to work, you may discover you have injuries once you return to your home even if in a different country.  When you are having difficulty hearing from being exposed to bombing or experiencing nightmares or startle responses to loud noises, you should seek medical treatment in your own country.  Until you see a doctor we cannot make a claim for you.  Once you see the doctor we will need to see those medical records.  We can then file a Claim and I discuss that in my other blogs.

This firm represents many injured workers who have lost wages since their last employment when they were under contract to work. I want to provide access to the form you will need to complete to have your lost wages considered. The form is called an LS200 Report of Earnings. What it does is allow the injured worker to document his earnings since the time he lost his employment where his injury is ongoing as with spinal physical injuries or psychiatric injuries.  This is important because this documentation allows the insurance company to calculate the wage loss of the injured worker.

IMG_4604-e1522095418631-150x150Let me explain it with an example. Say when you were working you earned $200 per week.  Your psychiatric injuries have prevented you from working for 6 months of the twelve months since you lost your employment. Your lost wage benefit is payable at  2/3 of your $200 per week earning or $133.33 per week.  If you lost 6 months of wages you are eligible for 26 weeks times $133.33 or $3,466.58 but you must complete the earnings form so the proper calculation can be made.

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Florida has experienced the tremendous loss associated with the Parkland shooting which is now among the 10 deadliest mass shootings in America. It is time for us to come together and implement change so these mass shootings stop.

Many people are coming up with ideas. I have been encouraged by the Governor’s recommendation to restrict the age at individual can buy AR rifles to 21 although 25 would be better.  I like the idea of banning AR rifles altogether, but what do we do with the ones that exist?

I like the idea of better background checks and stopping the availability of AR rifles to those with mental illness. We need to be able to stop an evil person who has an AR rifle and starts threatening people before he acts.  We should be able to arrest and incarcerate them at that point and confiscate the AR rifle(s).  We want to allow police to proactively arrest an evil person seeking to kill one or more with his AR rifle before he strikes.

DSC00817-291x300I want to share an important lesson I learned when I was a young law student. I defended a minor who was charged with the burglary of a home. I was successful in defending the case and winning the trial for him. As a result of that he was released from juvenile court jail and I went on my Christmas vacation. When I returned, I learned he went out before Christmas and killed two people at random coming out of the shopping mall.  That was a true wake up call for me and I realized it would not be my calling to go into criminal defense. It made me realize that an evil person will always do evil even when given a second chance, put in a loving home or given help.  They will look at you, do evil and say, “You knew I was evil when you tried to help me.”

I see that when there is a tragedy such as a mass shooting there is focus on why the person did it.  Was he not schooled properly, not given enough help and so on? It may be interesting to look back but inevitably the person was evil and would commit an atrocious act in the future.
People might say, “He was a ticking time bomb,”   “I knew he would shoot up the school someday.” He had a screw loose.” Ok let’s say all those things were known to be true.
Law enforcement can do nothing. Why?  They can’t arrest people on possibilities, on crazy likelihoods or suspicions unless the person has put his plan into words written or spoken.  Remember the Las Vegas shooter never exposed his plan.  So what we need to do is give law enforcement the ability to prevent these tragedies from continuing to occur.
That is why I put my idea out as The Simple Solution. Continue reading →
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Longshore benefits are available to workers injured on recreational yachts over 65 feet and to those working on towboats or tugboats of any size per 33 USC 902 which is the Longshore statute.  When the injury occurs on such a maritime vehicle, the questions are 1. what benefits are available and 2. what caused the injury.  Let’s discuss the benefits that are available first.

IMG_3790-300x225Now under the Longshore statute, the injured worker will receive 2/3rd of the injured worker’s gross 52 week average of pay up to a maximum of $1,471.78 per week in 2018. If the accident caused death, then the family will receive $3,000 in funeral expenses PLUS compensation pursuant to 33 USC Section 906-909. This means the wife will receive 50% of the average wage of the decedent up to the maximum (presently $1,471.81 per week.) If there is one or more children an additional 16 2/3% will be paid again up to the maximum weekly compensation rate. The definition of children includes adopted children, stepchildren, an acknowledged child born out of wedlock,  or a child born after the death  of the injured worker. The widow’s benefits will terminate with her remarriage except for a two year stipend of compensation that will be paid in a lump sum.  In the case of remarriage, the remaining children would then receive additional compensation. If one child then that child would receive 50% of the worker’s average wage and if there are additional children then all together the children will receive benefits equal to 66 2/3 %  of the worker’s average weekly pay.  Now the benefits paid to a minor  child do not continue forever as they end when the child turns 18 or if the child is a student pursuing full time school their weekly benefits can be paid up to age 23.

If the deceased worker leaves no surviving spouse or child, then benefits will be paid to those DEPENDENT relatives including grandchildren, brothers or sisters or parents or any other person satisfying the definition of dependent under 26 USC 152.  These people must prove the injured worker contributed to their living expense in some way, ie rent, cash, payment of bills, place to live, or the like.

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Si usted se lesiono mientras trabajaba en el extranjero para un contratista estado unidense, lo primero que debe hacer es reportar su lesion y presentar un formulario LS-203 con prueba de que lo notifico a su empleador DBA. Es una buena idea enviar dicha notificacion por correo electronico al ajustador y tambien al mismo tiempo mandarse una copia ha usted mismo, para que posea prueba del envío. Asegurase de enviarnos un mensaje de texto a 1-754-317-2823 para una consulta gratuita especialmente si usted esta teniendo problemas psiquiátricos despues de ser estacionada en una zona de guerra. Es muy importante que usted tiene su abogado presentar una reclamación dentro de un ano de haber un psiquiatra diagnosticar una condición psiquiátrica causada por su empleo.
Una vez que el examinador de reclamos de OWCP esta asignado a su caso, entonces usted puede tener una conferencia establecida a traves de una solicitud por escrito para una conferencia informal. Con esta solicitud por escrito usted proporcionara detalles, documentacion y prueba medica para sus derechos y beneficios. Una vez que el examinador de reclamaciones de OWCP emita la recomendacion a su favor puede tener la esperanza pero no la expectativa de que la compania de seguros comience a pagar. Asegurese de que la recomendacion se ocupe de todos los problemas por los cuales busca compensacion para que el juez pueda decidir sobre todas esas cuestiones. Entregue su declaracion LS-18 antes de la audiencia 14 dias despues de la recomendacion emitida. 

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While rare, an attorney should always consider the viability of pursuing a third-party claim where a DBA injury is due to the negligence of a third-party other than your employer. This is allowed under 33 U.S.C. Section 933 (a) but has a strict requirement of notification under subsection (g)Compromise obtained by person entitled to compensation:

IMG_9967-e1496774041913-225x300“1.  If the person entitled to compensation (or the person’s representative) enters into a settlement with a third person referred to in subsection (a) for an amount less than the compensation to which the person (or the person’s representative) would be entitled under this chapter, the employer shall be liable for compensation as determined under subsection (f) only if written approval of the settlement is obtained from the employer and the employer’s carrier, before the settlement is executed, and by the person entitled to compensation (or the person’s representative). The approval shall be made on a form provided by the Secretary and shall be filed in the office of the deputy commissioner within thirty days after the settlement is entered into.

2.  If no written approval of the settlement is obtained and filed as required by paragraph (1), or if the employee fails to notify the employer of any settlement obtained from or judgment rendered against a third person, all rights to compensation and medical benefits under this chapter shall be terminated, regardless of whether the employer or the employer’s insurer has made payments or acknowledged entitlement to benefits under this chapter.”Do not settle your third-party case without first obtaining written permission from both the employer and the DBA insurance company to settle the third party claim.  If you settle the third-party claim without getting written consent you will lose all future compensation and medical treatment payable by the DBA insurance company. If you are settling your third-party case for less than the compensation you are entitled to under the DBA case, you must obtain written approval on Longshore DBA Form LS-33 which must be filed within 30 days of the settlement with the District Director.
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Ganar un caso de DBA es fácil, cuando se lo hace honestamente. Una vez que usted muestre el 1% de la causa de su lesion en el extranjero puede recuperar el 100% de su tratamiento medico. La Seccion 20a le da una presuncion de compensabilidad sobre las causas cuando usted establece que usted fue lesionado y la lesion ocurrio en el extranjero. Y ciertamente si usted es honesto,  recibirá probablemente los beneficios medicos los salarios que se han perdido por un periodo de tiempo.

Llegara un momento en que la compania de seguros llevara a cabo una encuesta de mercado de trabajo para mostrarle que hay puestos de trabajo disponibles que usted puede desempenar. Cuando se reune con el representante de la compania de seguros que lleva a cabo la encuesta de mercado de trabajo, por favor, entienda que debe ser totalmente honesto acerca de la informacion sobre sus trabajos anteriores, incluso revelando cuando se le despidio. Tambien debe responder con sinceridad si tiene alguna condena de delito grave (arrestos). Los abogados de la compania de seguros recolectara sus registros de empleos anteriores, registros medicos y antecedentes penales. Si usted ha mentido a la persona de la encuesta de mercado de trabajo, el abogado de la defensa o al medico de la compania de seguros, estas declaraciones falsas son una razon importante para que el juez niegue su reclamo. Nadie espera que sea perfecto, pero si honesto. Yo pienso que este mundo seria muy aburrido si todos fueramos perfectos.

La misma regla en cuanto a la honestidad, se aplica tambien con su historial medico. Si tuviste dolor o heridas en la parte lesionada de tu cuerpo en el pasado, debe ser sincero y debe revelarlo. Si no recuerdas una lesion anterior o un dolor previo, es mejor decir “no lo recuerdo.” No hay necesidad de salir con una extremidad y decir “No, nunca me lastime la espalda, o el cuello, etc.” ya  que  en algun lugar de su historial medico pasado ​​esta registrado dicho dolor o lesion previa. Si usted no recuerda esas lesiones, pero aun así da la impresión erronea de que ha mentido, el juez tomara eso como una razón para negar tu reclamo.

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So if you are injured working overseas for an American Contractor, the first thing you do is report your injury and file an LS-203 form with proof you served it on your DBA employer. It is a good idea to email the adjuster as well and copy yourself so you have proof you sent it.

IMG_9968-e1496774833618-225x300Once the OWCP claims examiner is assigned to your case, then you can have a conference set up via a written request for an informal conference. With this written request you will provide details, documentation, and medical proof of your right to benefits. Once the OWCP claims examiner issues the recommendation  in your favor you can hope but do not expect insurance company to start paying. Be sure the recommendation addresses all of the issues you are requesting so that the judge can then rule on all of those issues. Serve your LS-18 pre-hearing statement 14 days after the recommendation issued.

You should consider hiring  a law firm specializing in DBA cases even if they are far away from where you live. This firm is not afraid to jump on a plane and come see you so you know who you’re talking to or we can schedule video conferences via Facetime or Whatsapp. We employ multiple staff fluent in Spanish. It is important that you feel comfortable with the law firm representing you. Do not make the mistake of hiring a local Worker’s Compensation attorney who is not familiar with defense base cases which are governed by Federal law. These are very specialized cases and most of the attorneys that handle them reside on the East Coast, the West Coast and the Gulf  States. This is true because those attorneys usually handled Longshore claims  for people injured near the navigable waters or oceans.  Longshore cases are governed by the same law which applies to DBA cases.  Also, choose a firm that responds to your emails or telephone calls as you and your injuries should be treated respectfully.

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