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AIG Defense Base Act Claims (DBA)

AIG insures many defense base act (DBA) contractors. If you have been injured in the scope of your employment, and have been contacted by AIG, it is vital that you contact a qualified attorney to assist you through the AIG defense base act claims process. At Attorneys Jo Ann Hoffman & Associates PA we we give you free assistance if you simply email us at

We are availabe to assist you through the difficulty of getting appropriate treatment toward making a full recovery under your DBA claim. If you decide to retain us we send you forms via email and once you electronically sign those we start work immediately.

Our firm has litigated defense base act cases where AIG insures the injured worker. We have represented injured civilian contractors for injuries sustained while working in roles such as pilots, medics, foremans and firefighters and we fight to obtain benefits and settlements for you.

If you have been injured while working for DynCorp, contact Attorneys Jo Ann Hoffman & Associates for a free consultation regarding your rights. We promptly respond to emails.