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Are you being cheated at work? (Part One)


A number of people already know that if you work over forty hours a week, you are entitled to overtime. Unfortunately, there are a number of employers who know this, but ignore it. They owe you overtime pay and try to save money by pocketing money that is yours. They use a lot of tricks and intimidation to get away with cheating and underpaying employees. The 40 hour rule is all too often ignored. Now, most employers are conscientious and pay their employees properly, but there are some that will purposefully underpay you. Sometimes they inadvertently underpay, but it is usually intentional.

Whether you are being underpaid by accident or on purpose makes no difference. You are still entitled to your money! You need an overtime lawyer to help you collect the monies that are owed to you. You can go back two years from the time you file your lawsuit to collect the monies that are owed to you. You may be curious how much you are going to pay for attorneys' fees. The answer is quite simple. You pay nothing. There are no attorney fees due from you! The employer who cheated you for weeks, months, or years gets to pay your attorney. This acts as a penalty against the employer who violated State and Federal Law.

There are a lot of ways that employers underpay employees. Just because you are on a salary does not mean that you are not entitled to overtime. Just because you are called a "manager" or "assistant manager" also does not mean that you are not entitled to overtime. You need to talk to a wage and hour lawyer. Because there is a two year statute of limitations in Florida on these cases, you should call and act quickly.

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There are a great deal of tricks and schemes that unscrupulous employers use to cheat their employees. Paying in cash for work or paying in cash for work over forty hours (40 hours) is against Federal Law. The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (also known as the F.L.S.A. or FLSA) has powerful remedies to protect you and you will need an attorney (at no charge) to help you recoup your hard earned monies.