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Covid During An Injury Claim? Get Help Now

It is not unusual for an auto accident  or work injury to overlap with Covid. What I mean by this is we have had clients who have had Covid and were in an auto accident or recovering from an injury at work. We have had clients who are undergoing treatment following injuries in an auto accident and they developed Covid. We have also been contacted by employees of contractors working in Warzones who have come down with Covid. Because they are in very tight working and sleeping zones, it is especially important that they read this article. Thanks to all who have given me their feedback so I can accurately describe their symptoms and findings as to what helped them.

Covid can be a debilitating illness and most people experience fatigue, mental confusion, and some sort of flu or cold symptoms initially. They may test negative for Covid after 10 days but they still have a hard time getting treatment for their injury and getting proper information on how to recover from Covid-19 a/k/a Coronavirus. Your body having to recover from injuries and covid is no small feat. The body will kick in its immune system to fight off the covid and once that settles down, the pain from the injuries will return.

I’ve been blessed to be given insight into this terrible disease by my dear friends in London who had this disease and dealt with it long before it came to the United States where it is seeing a terrible surge in transmission. People in the UK have had an opportunity to read up on it and study it. In speaking with them I learned that there are important things we need to know.

First and foremost, your local PCP or internist may have no idea about this disease. They are seeing it for the first time. Do not despair. We have you covered.

Unknown-1-rotated-e1606636884336-300x225Because London was hit early and hard with this disease, I am directing you to these youtube videos for people who have symptoms lingering after two weeks. The Medcram video can help you to understand how it can takes weeks to get over and suggest treatment. It states people  have found the NAC vitamin supplement helped them feel better. Even after you test negative you can have residual symptoms. BMJ has a video on this so know you aren’t alone. Facebook has a group posting on their experience with Covid and what worked for their recovery. It’s called Survivor Corps.

Remember there are more survivors than people who die from it (God rest their souls). And surviving it can wear you down when you don’t find proper support here in the USA. Most people are sent home with no medication once they show up with Covid at the hospital. They are told to take OTC medications, such as Tylenol and cold medication. You are not crazy, this is a tough illness to get over and learning that others are going through similar symptoms may help you fight this disease.

Once you test positive, you must isolate for 10-14 days and not go to any medical appointments for treatment of your auto accident injuries. Your lack of treatment during that time will be understood and accepted as necessary in your injury case.  It will not hurt your claim.  Keep others safe during this time.

You must remain mentally strong in your fight to recover from covid. You must maintain a positive attitude as a depression is a symptom of this disease. Our firm wants you to get proper treatment so you may want to follow the suggestions of people whom have dealt with the residuals of covid whether it be taking the NAC supplement, Vitamin D, using Vick’s vapor rub, a vaporizer, steroids. Whatever works for you as no one thing is right for everyone. You must listen to your body. While the money from your settlement will help you, health is everything!

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