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DBA Death Claims and Benefits Explained


There are over 100,000 contractors abroad helping our troops and our national security in countries all over the world. In Afghanistan, our contractors outnumber our troops by 3 to 1 ratio and 70% of our contractors are foreign nationals. Multiple jobs are available in Iraq at

We have peacekeeping personnel all over Africa, some supporting the Eastern Accord and as well as other missions.

Given that our workers are stationed in diverse and underdeveloped locales, serious injuries including death can occur with less than optimum treatment.

Death resulting from disease, malaria, infection, or non-healing wounds are all compensable injuries and we obtain death benefits for the spouse and/or children. Once we are retained, we file a Notice of Death which is LS-262 which is a claim for death benefits. If the benefits are not paid within 30 days then the insurance company has to pay our attorneys fees for securing those benefits.

Remember to have an autopsy performed which will specify the cause of death.  On a case we are presently working on the autopsy report actually states untreated Malaria contracted while working in central Africa. Also, the blood tested positive for malaria.

These are important factors to have the death declared compensable.

The death benefits owed to the wife are 50% of the average weekly wage of the deceased worker and the wife will receive an extra 16.67% for the minor child until he or she reaches the age of 18 or 23 for student who is in college. These are set forth in section 909:

We have many cases where we obtain the death benefits for the wife and/or child(ren) and also have the funeral bill paid up to $3,000.00.   Clients are entitled to this and should not accept a runaround from the insurance company. Our firm is dedicated to making sure justice is done.

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