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Never Forgotten…We Help Injured Contractors in Iraq

Never Forgotten…We Help Injured Contractors in Iraq

We know this occupation has been drawn out since the USA led invasion in 2003. Military contractors are still hard at work in Iraq. If you or a loved one were working as a defense contractor in Erbil and were injured in the recent attack in Iraq, you may be able to obtain federal workers compensation benefits under the Defense Base Act.

On February 15, 2021, terrorists carried out a rocket attack on a U.S. military base in the capital of Kurdistan, in northern Iraq. Because of the excellent service  KBR provides to our country through contract workers, they had workers injured in these dangerous locations. Defense One reports the insurgents claim to have fired 24 rockets in this attack killing at least one defense contractor, one U.S. military official, and one local civilian. In addition to the three reported deaths, at least six other civilian contractors were injured in the attack this week. At this time, the citizenship of all those wounded or killed in the attack is unknown.defense-base-act-dba-service-page-300x145

Under the Defense Base Act, your citizenship is irrelevant. If you were working for a U.S. defense contractor, you may be entitled to benefits under the Defense Base Act. If you or a loved one was injured or killed in this attack, it is important you contact an attorney who specializes in Defense Base Act cases.

While three deaths have been reported so far, it is unknown what injuries the other contractors suffered in the attack on Monday.  Reuters reported that its staff “heard several loud explosions and saw a fire break out near the airport.” ABC News reported that three rockets struck military housing located at the Erbil International Airport.

In rocket attacks like this recent one, employees may experience hearing loss, psychological trauma, mental anguish, back injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or burns. These are just a few of the injuries that could result from working in a war zone like Iraq.

We litigate to get you the medical treatment you need whether it is hearing aids, mental health therapy, physical therapy, or surgical procedures. We will also fight to get you compensation for lost wages. To learn more about how much compensation you may be entitled to, check our previous post on calculating your average weekly wage.

Tensions continue to rise between the United States and Iran over economic sanctions, the nuclear deal, and Iran’s military resources. The Iranian linked Shiite militant group known as Saraya Awliya al-Dam (in English, translates to the Guardians of Blood Brigade) is claiming responsibility for this week’s attack. Terrorist organizations like the Guardians of Blood Brigade and Kataib Hezbollah will increasingly threaten the lives of our defense contractors and military.

According to the New York Times, Iraq has been put in the middle of the fight between the United States and Iran. While we may find ourselves focusing on our immediate world in the United States during this pandemic, we must not forget the dangers facing our military and defense contractors overseas especially those currently deployed in Iraq with the imminent threat of Iranian backed attack. The SITE Intelligence Group reveals the Guardians of Blood Brigade has threatened to carry out more attacks like the one on Monday.

This firm is here to help and guide you or your loved ones through their injuries or in the event of death, to help the family left behind in Peru, Redondo, the Philippines, America, and other countries. No matter what country you are from, we can help you and your family.

At Attorneys Jo Ann Hoffman & Associates, P.A., we file to obtain the benefits you deserve for your injuries and lost wages. Helping the injured is our passion!



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