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So if you are injured working overseas for an American Contractor, the first thing you do is report your injury and file an LS-203 form with proof you served it on your DBA employer. It is a good idea to email the adjuster as well and copy yourself so you have proof you sent it.

IMG_9968-e1496774833618-1-225x300Once the OWCP claims examiner is assigned to your case, then you can have a conference set up via a written request for an informal conference. With this written request you will provide details, documentation, and medical proof of your right to benefits. Once the OWCP claims examiner issues the recommendation  in your favor you can hope but do not expect insurance company to start paying. Be sure the recommendation addresses all of the issues you are requesting so that the judge can then rule on all of those issues. Serve your LS-18 pre-hearing statement 14 days after the recommendation issued.

You should consider hiring  a law firm specializing in DBA cases even if they are far away from where you live. This firm is not afraid to jump on a plane and come see you so you know who you’re talking to or we can schedule video conferences via Facetime or Whatsapp. We employ multiple staff fluent in Spanish. It is important that you feel comfortable with the law firm representing you. Do not make the mistake of hiring a local Worker’s Compensation attorney who is not familiar with defense base cases which are governed by Federal law. These are very specialized cases and most of the attorneys that handle them reside on the East Coast, the West Coast and the Gulf  States. This is true because those attorneys usually handled Longshore claims  for people injured near the navigable waters or oceans.  Longshore cases are governed by the same law which applies to DBA cases.  Also, choose a firm that responds to your emails or telephone calls as you and your injuries should be treated respectfully.

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