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DynCorp Defense Base Act Claims (DBA)

Our firm has litigated defense base act (DBA) claims against Dyncorp.

Dyncorp was founded in 1946 and employs more than 12,000 people. Dyncorp is also one of the largest military support contractors in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa. We have represented injured civilian contractors for injuries sustained while working for DynCorp in roles such as pilots, medics, foremen and firefighters. Just so you know there are constant job openings working for Dyncorp and their workers in Iraq have been injured doing their work as welder, aircraft mechanic, counterintelligence specialist, flight medic, motor vehicle repair, and other highly damgerous jobs.

If you have been injured while working for DynCorp, contact Attorneys Jo Ann Hoffman & Associates for a free consultation regarding your rights.

Do not let Dyncorp, the Insurance Company of State of Pennsylvania, Chartis or Broadspire choose your doctor or have you sign saying you chose your doctor when they in fact gave you that doctor.