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Another Success Story

You probably already know that our passion is to help the injured! Let me give you a bit of background on how we arrived at this point.  As a child Attorney Hoffman watched her mother lay in bed suffering for months recovering from injuries suffered in a car accident where the vehicle was totalled.  Months later her mother received a call from the attorney who told her he had settled her case and she would receive $350. As a child Attorney Hoffman found that offensive. She vowed to spend her life fighting for those injured and vowed to not let this happen to anyone else.

Brandon’s Success Story.  A few years ago, Attorney Hoffman received a call about a fellow Hoosier who had been riding on his college fraternity’s float in a school parade. The float driver began to drive faster swerving the car from side to side. Two people were thrown from the float including Attorney Hoffman’s client who sustained a fractured skull with brain swelling.  IMG_14591-1-300x225

Learning of an accident like that is any mother’s nightmare, but lucky for Brandon, his mother was an experienced nurse. She flew in, came to his side, and approved him being put into a coma and a surgical procedure performed with a section of his skull removed so his brain swelling could subside. After a few months the brain swelling subsided, the skull flap was re-attached and the injured Hoosier began a long course of rehabilitation. Words are inadequate to describe the dramatic comeback  that Brandon made by following up with therapy, doctors and always striving to improve.  His success shows you that while brain injuries are terrible, you must always remain positive and belief in your ability to overcome the injuries and lead a normal life.

We tell you this so you understand that after terrible injuries, success stories can result. After months of litigation, Attorney Hoffman with the help of Attorneys Ariel Furst and Attorney Thomas Blackburn of Indiana was able to obtain a successful result where State Farm paid an amount above its policy limit and other defendants contributed money as well. In Florida, attorneys have the ability to file a Florida Statute Section 624.155 civil remedy against an adjuster at a carrier as well as an Offer of Judgment. All liens were paid and the client had money to start a life.

IMG_6718-2-e1531833280418-1-225x300Picture4-1-300x225Fast forward to today, Brandon is married, has a wonderful wife and beautiful daughter.  He has a home, loves his work and is happy. And we are happy for him.  Way to go Brandon.  We are proud of you!  And thank you for allowing us to share your story to help others who may be discouraged and need help.

A success story for this firm is both restoring the injured person’s health and recovering a financial settlement for the injured person.  Attorney Hoffman seeks to obtain all the money available for her clients and litigates diligently toward that result. We have received follow up calls over the years from clients expressing their appreciation. Recently a father we represented called us and said the settlement we obtained for him allowed him to send his son to college.  Sometimes we hear from a relative or friend with a past client that needs us to help them just as we helped the client.  Our success is about being humble and helpful.  We understand suffering and our passion is helping the injured by restoring their health and their ability to function. Settlements are helpful but the real success is in the way our client returns to lead a full functional life.

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