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Making a DBA Claim under the Defense Base Act

The Defense Base Act commonly referred to as the DBA provides Worker’s Compensation and Death Benefits for  employees of government contractors. Let me explain how making a claim works under this Act.
This firm files compensation and death claims against corporations including KBR, Fluor, Valiant Integrated Services, Dyncorp, Academi, Lockheed Martin, SES, Science and Engineering Services, Sallyport, Michael Baker, Computer Sciences Raytheon, CSR, Vinnell Arabia, MPRI Ltd., Engility, Tetra Tech, Planate Management Group, SOC, Mission Essential Personnel, Valiant AECOM, Triple Canopy and Green Group in Federal court. If you were one of the contractor workers you can make a claim without coming to the United States.  You  must document your injury by seeing a doctor for either a physical or psychological injury caused by your employment. Benefits that we file covered by the Act include medical care and lost wages and survivor benefits in case of a death.  For individuals living outside the United States, those benefits are generally offered in a lump sum. We are never happier than when we hand over a large settlement check to our clients. We have the carriers pay our fees and costs separately on these DBA claims.

IMG_8028-225x300Once the employee returns home he is generally on his own to seek medical care.  Physical injuries can last for years and worsen once the employee is home without treatment.  The employees who were stationed in war zones often develop psychological injuries such as PTSD which goes untreated for years once they return to their home country. The employee must see a doctor in their home country. This law firm pays to have these medical records transcribed by a certified translator so that the records can be filed with the court and a claim made for proper benefits.

There is a statue of limitations and we need to file these claims within one year of the injured person seeing a doctor and finding out they have psychological symptoms caused by the war zone work. Some of those symptoms include flashbacks, distrust, nightmares, loss of some memories, depression, avoiding situations that remind you of the event, negative changes and feelings, hyperarousal, over reaction to loud noises,  physical reactions such as sweating, a pounding heart, confusion, and nausea when exposed to war zone memories or noises. We can file a hearing loss claim once a hearing test is performed and where the loss is due to exposure to gunfire, plane noises, bombs or other loud noise.

This firm believes it is important to obtain treatment for these injured workers who have helped the United States of America. Where do these injuries occur and where are the workers from? They occur in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Germany, Antartica, Qatar, Kosovo, Honduras, Djibouti, Puerto Rico, Japan, Syria, UAE, Central Africa Republic, China, Pakistan, Turkey, South Sudan, Kenya, Bahrain, Niger, Poland, Somalia, and the Ascension Island, British. Many of our clients are from Peru, Bosnia, Columbia, Chile, Honduras and the United States.
Our goal is for the injured worker to  receive medical care, AND  a lump sum settlement so that the worker can use those funds to buy a taxi, start a business, support his family, put his children through school, and find new employment. In short, we work to help people go forward with their lives. We are loyal to those workers who helped the United States and continue to help us all over the world. Helping the injured is our passion!
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