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Miami, Florida Underinsured Motorist Lawyer

Being in a car accident can be a devastating and emotional experience. With all the stress and anxiety you may be feeling, the last thing you want to do is figure out what your insurance policy means and then be put on hold for long periods of time when calling your insurance company. At Attorneys Jo Ann Hoffman and Associates, P.A., we will deal with the insurance companies for you. With over 95 years of shared legal experience, we have handled many car accident cases. One of the first things we look at when dealing with car insurance companies is the type of insurance carried by you and the other driver. We also look at the amount of coverage each of you have for car accidents. If the driver who hit you isn't carrying any car insurance, then the driver is called an uninsured motorist. Sometimes the driver is insured, but the cost of your personal injury claim may be more than what is covered under the other driver's insurance policy. When this happens, the other driver is called an underinsured motorist. If you have been hurt by an underinsured motorist, your own car insurance may cover the difference in your claim. If you were hurt in Miami but live somewhere else, Attorneys Jo Ann Hoffman and Associates, P.A. can still help you. We help people who live in any state or country that have been hurt in the State of Florida.

Below is an example to show why it is important to have your own underinsured motorist coverage:

The driver who hit you has a total of $15,000 in car insurance coverage, so the greatest amount of money that you can get from the driver's insurance company to help pay for your injuries is $15,000. If your injuries cost you $35,000, you could be left paying the $20,000 difference for your medical bills by yourself.

Everyone knows that you can end up spending a ridiculous amount of money on medical bills, particularly if you have serious injuries. This is just another reason for your car insurance policy to contain underinsured motorist coverage. If you don't have underinsured motorist coverage, you may have to pay back a huge amount of money in medical bills that aren't covered by the other driver's car insurance. Attorneys Jo Ann Hoffman and Associates, P.A. don't want you to ever be faced with this extremely stressful financial situation, so we recommend you contact your car insurance company as soon as possible to talk about adding underinsured motorist coverage to your own car insurance.

Attorneys Jo Ann Hoffman and Associates, P.A. are here to answer your questions if you have had a recent accident involving an underinsured motorist. We have free consultations so please call our office in Miami, Florida at 954-772-2644 today to speak with one of our lawyers. You can also fill out our online CONTACT US form. All of our cases are taken on a contingency fee basis which means that we don't charge you anything unless we get money from the other driver or an insurance company. We look forward to your call and to helping you.

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