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You’re driving home from work and stop for yet another red light when suddenly the car behind you slams right into your vehicle. You just want to get home, so you agree to exchange phone numbers and be on your way. You can deal with this later, right? NO. You must protect yourself after a car accident, starting immediately. The following steps explain what to do – and what not to do – after a car crash.

  1. At the scene of the crash.

Call the police! Yes, you should. Getting a police report helps you begin documenting what happened most accurately. It will also make sure you have all the necessary information about the driver who hit you, their vehicle, and the vehicle’s insurance. Most police agencies now require their officers to wear body cameras, which may capture valuable information about the scene as well.

Check for injuries! If you or your passengers need to go to the hospital, the officer can call for an ambulance if you haven’t already. Document your pain by telling officers and paramedics what you are feeling.

Take pictures! You can take an unlimited number of pictures on your phone, so take multiple pictures of your vehicle, the vehicle that hit you, and anything else on scene that may be helpful. Take pictures from far away to show the entire scene and closeups to show details of any damage. The police can help get your vehicle towed if necessary.

Stay calm! This is not the time to argue about what happened or apologize for anything you feel you could have done differently. Anything you say can later be used against you, so don’t put yourself in that position.

Locate witnesses! If anyone saw the crash happen, be sure to get their information. If a dispute arises, it will help you to have an independent witness explain what they saw.michael-jin-ipHlSSaC3vk-unsplash-300x200

  1. Hiring an attorney.

Don’t delay hiring an attorney! An experienced personal injury attorney will help you through the claims process, present the strongest demand to the insurance company, and fight for you to achieve the highest possible compensation. Even minor crashes are best handled with competent legal representation.

  1. Reporting the crash.

Report the crash to your insurance company either over the phone or online. They will give you a claim number and help start the process. If you have already hired your attorney, they will help you with this too.

The other driver’s insurance company may call you and ask for a statement. Do not agree to this until you have discussed it with your lawyer. Again, anything you say can later be used against you, so remember that less is more. This statement may not be necessary at all, but if it is your attorney will have the opportunity to advise you. Continue reading →

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Many car accident victims assume that in order to be able to pursue benefits from their insurance company, they actually have to be driving their own car or riding in their car as a passenger.  When it comes to getting your insurance company to pay for your injuries, this is not always true!

outsidecarLet’s say you’re helping your friend move.  As you’re unloading furniture and packages from the back of your friend’s truck, the truck starts rolling backwards and knocks you over, causing an injury. Most people in that situation wouldn’t even think of pursuing benefits from their uninsured motorist coverage, but in this case, the law is on your side!  If you are injured by another car in motion, even if you’re not in the car, you could be entitled to UM benefits where the car that hurt you is underinsured or has no insurance.

You can also pursue uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist benefits if you are in an accident while riding in someone else’s car.  If you are riding somewhere with your friend in your friend’s vehicle and you are involved in a hit-and-run accident where the other car flees the scene, your UM coverage will pay for your injuries. Continue reading →

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