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Many car accident victims assume that in order to be able to pursue benefits from their insurance company, they actually have to be driving their own car or riding in their car as a passenger.  When it comes to getting your insurance company to pay for your injuries, this is not always true!

outsidecarLet’s say you’re helping your friend move.  As you’re unloading furniture and packages from the back of your friend’s truck, the truck starts rolling backwards and knocks you over, causing an injury. Most people in that situation wouldn’t even think of pursuing benefits from their uninsured motorist coverage, but in this case, the law is on your side!  If you are injured by another car in motion, even if you’re not in the car, you could be entitled to UM benefits where the car that hurt you is underinsured or has no insurance.

You can also pursue uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist benefits if you are in an accident while riding in someone else’s car.  If you are riding somewhere with your friend in your friend’s vehicle and you are involved in a hit-and-run accident where the other car flees the scene, your UM coverage will pay for your injuries. Continue reading →

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